What can we do for you?

At Online-Setup we offer individual services as well as our incredibly priced packages allowing you to find your exact requirements to fit your needs and budget.

Please note that none of our services include images or content, which must be provided by the client unless otherwise agreed.


At online-setup, we like to work with our clients individually, beginning with a free consultation to find out exactly what your needs are and to discuss any ideas that you have in mind.

What We Provide:

  • Design
  • Domain name
  • Corresponding email address -(we can set up to forward mail to your already existing email address)
  • Uploading
  • Hosting

What You Need to Provide:

  • Logo - (we can help you with this as an additional service)
  • Pictures - (we can help you to source royalty free images that compliment your site)
  • Content

Graphic Design

Graphic design is important for online businesses to present their message to the world in an attractive and efficient manner. We are excellent at creating a strong online brand identity from logos and business cards to flyers and posters for online advertising campaigns.

What We Provide:

  • Unique, modern design
  • The sourcing of any images or templates that you wish to work with
  • An end product that achieves your brief whilst being optimised to compete with other online brands

What You Need to Provide:

  • A concise description of what you require
  • Any content that you require included

Social Media

What We Provide:

  • Design (complimenting the layout and style of all of your online platforms)

What You Need to Provide:

  • Logo - (we can help you with this as an additional service)
  • Pictures - (we can help you to source royalty free images that compliment your page)
  • Content

Continued Support

Once we have created your accounts and pages we can also help you to maintain them. Social media, especially, needs regular updating throughout the month in order for you to gain the maximum exposure for your business. By sending us a simple email or text of a message, link, offer or answer that you wish to convey on any or all of your social media outlets, then we can update them for you. For a small monthly fee, this allows you to concentrate on more pressing matters whilst still having constant promotional support.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making it easier for the search engines, and the searcher, to find your website. Now that we have helped you to design and brand your online presence, the next logical step is for you to promote it, keeping you ahead of all of your competitors.

Any website that we create is prepared to rank well from the beginning, optimised for User Experience (UX), loading speed and basic keyword SEO.

We also offer cost effective, affordable monthly SEO services to maintain your websites search ranking. We follow White Hat SEO guidelines and provide fully ethical SEO services. Our SEO packages cover a complete SEO process from On Page SEO to Off Page SEO, including Keyword Research, Market Competition Analysis and Competitor Analysis.